Treo 650 Tips

A good website on things Treo (news, reviews, accessories etc.) is

For hardware, I’d skip a desk cradle, unless you want it powered on and propped up for constant display (not sure if it even has that mode). I use a tiny travel USB sync ‘n charge (around $30).

For memory, I got a 1GB SD card a while back. Handy for doing data transfers on the fly, storing photos etc. Some apps are still picky and want to go in main memory.

There’s a car charger I have that also doubles as a wall charger. The USB cord detaches to connect to either the wall piece or the car piece.

My apps and their recommendations:

  1. SplashID from SplashData. A must have for 256-bit blowfish encrypted storage of all things private on both the home pc/mac and synced with your Treo. See my previous blog entry for more info.
  2. I also like “Beyond Contacts”. What this does, is go beyond the basic Outlook synchronization and it makes sure you get *everything* from a Contact card. Very handy where you have 8 phone numbers or detailed notes that get dropped off somewhat with the basic conduit. See
  3. Bonsai hierarchical note pad. This thing lets you store hierarchical notes and come up with your own icons and categorization schemes. Very handy for lists of lists, where each bullet point can belong to a different category, have its own detailed notes section etc. Has both a PC interface and full view and edit on the Treo as well. See