Blog Relaunch

This is a relaunch of my personal blog. If you’re looking for my professional blog, that is now at

My past writings have now been re-launched here on this blog, The name comes from my Twitter handle, @idStar. That handle has a longer etymology to it – perhaps content for a future post.

But back to the topic of blogging.

In many ways, by blogging, we obtain the oft-cited benefits of journaling, except that the content is geared toward public consumption.

I started blogging almost a decade ago, as I’d often be asked for technical support by family and friends. This got repetitive. So, I opted to blog my advice and findings, instead of creating one-off email responses. This actually helped reduce the support load.

Being on a free blogging service without your own domain however, felt like an invitation to just not take it seriously. I’m sure some don’t feel that limitation. I tend to only invest in things that I can put a polished effort into.

While I’ve imported my historical blog posts into this blog, I do look back at some of the older posts and cringe at my writing style, choice of punctuation, flow, etc.

This feeling is not too different from how us software engineers (if we’re continuing to grow and improve), look back at our code from just a year earlier and feel like we could do so much better now.

In the last few years, I have had several moments where I’ve paused and wanted to write about something, both of a professional nature and for a personal blog.

I kept putting these opportunities off, because I didn’t feel like I had a place to put them that was worthy of the investment I would want to make in such blog posts.

It was always going to happen after I released the app my design partner and I are working on, since that took priority.

However, I finally decided this week, to no longer defer it. Diving into WordPress, widgets, premium themes and plugins took some time, but I’m glad I did it.

No doubt, I should have just done this years ago.

Now that I have this altogether and ready for when inspiration strikes, I am actually quite excited.

And with that, welcome.